1st Death Online Research Symposium, Durham, UK, April 2014

The 1st Death Online Research Symposium took place in Durham, UK, in the spring of 2014. I attended the conference with my paper ‘Socially shared mourning: construction and consumption of collective memory’ that takes a look at YouTube memorial videos posted by Steve Jobs’ fans in his memory.

Steve Jobs memorial YouTube videos

Preparing my presentation on Steve Jobs memorial videos on YouTube.

The study analyses the user comments posted to such a digital memorial artefacts and examines the fan (and non-fan) discourses and prevailing ideologies. The focus is on how a shared memory is constructed in dialogue among anonymous members of a fan community, and how communities of in-group and out-group are formed; related to this, the disenfranchisement of fans in grief upon celebrity death is discussed, as is the nature and function of digital memorials more generally and how a community of weak ties may alleviate such disenfranchisement .

The paper was later published in New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia; see My publications.


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