Our article featured in the Journal of Marketing Management blog

Blogs, Digital culture, Gender, identity, Media

The Journal of Marketing Management has set up a new blog where they aim to disseminate information on new research and inform their readership of current research topics.  My co-author Annamari Huovinen and I were happy to be featured in the JMM blog regarding our article published the Special Issue of Journal of Marketing Management ‘Theorising Gender and Gendering Theory‘ on normativity, consumer resistance and performative gender identity of fathion bloggers.

Have a look the JMM blog post on our article ‘Fashionably Voluptuos: normative femininity and resistant performative tactics in fatshion blogs’


In terms of gender identity, and normativity as social and cultural capital in performing gender, there is still a lot to research in the area of consumption.


This research project proved very interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration. Hopefully, we will be able to continue this line of research in the future. You can read the full article here. Thank you for reading!





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