Anu Harju researcher photoI’m a digital culture researcher currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki at the Department of Social Research. I’m part of a research consortium titled HYTE funded by the Academy of Finland where we look into the contemporary hybrid media environment and circulation of terrorist violence.

I gained my Ph.D. from Aalto University, Helsinki; my dissertation ‘On being online: insights on contemporary articulations of the relational self‘ explores the complexity of self-construction at the intersection of new media and today’s consumer society from the perspective of relational being. You can read the Lectio Praecursoria here. In addition, I have a BA Hons in Linguistics from UCL, London, and MA in English and Linguistics from University of Helsinki.

I enjoy a life in the picturesque Finnish countryside that balances off my hectic academic life and allows me to restore my energy. As an outgoing personality, I’m often into everything and anything, finding myself in the most rewarding and fun projects. The impulsive side of my personality has led me to academic endeavours that I might not otherwise have undertaken; however, I find that my eclectic research portfolio truly reflects the way I am: interested in a wide range of issues that lie at the heart of humanity.


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